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If you have already registered your student for a Fall Sport or Marching Band PLEASE DISREGARD!  You will just need to make sure that the next sport your student wants to participate in is marked in Register My Athlete.

Winter Sports begin on Monday, November 4 and Girls Swim begins on Monday, November 11!  All registrations for Athletes and Marching Band are now done through Register My Athlete.  The instructions are below and the link is on that page.  You will create a login, make sure you print out the physical form and the 2 MSHSAA forms (complete the MSHSAA forms), take all three to the doctor when getting the physical.  Then you will upload those three completed forms to the registration.  Your students physical must say somewhere that they are cleared for sports with no restrictions.  THE ATHLETIC TRAINER WILL BE APPROVING THE PHYSICALS SO THIS WILL NOT SHOW COMPLETE RIGHT AWAY – ONCE THEY APPROVE IT – THAT SECTION WILL SHOW COMPLETE!  Then pay the $35 Activity Fee.  (Band members paid this through their Band fees so this will be waived for them for this school year.)

To pay the fee, when you get to that section, you will add your students name and grade and then click “Add to Cart”.  The Lindbergh pay site will appear.  Make sure that you are paying for an Activity Fee, which will appear in a column on the right.  You can click on checkout and proceed.  If you have already used the Lindbergh Online pay system (Rev Trak), you will not have to create a new account.  If you have not, you will have to create an account.  This will be good for all future registrations.  THE FEE WILL NOT SHOW PAID RIGHT AWAY – WAIT A DAY OR TWO FOR PAYMENT TO SHOW!

One more part of new information – Physicals are now good for 2 years!  If your student has had a physical since July 1, 2018 it is good for the 2 year time period.  They will not have to get a new physical this year! It will still have to be uploaded to RMA.   If you did not keep a copy of your student’s physical, you can contact Sheryl Collins in the Athletic Office and she will email the physical to you for you to upload.  Sheryl can be reached at or 314-729-2400 x1701.

As for the Medication form, if your student requires medication that they would need to carry, you can print it and have it completed and signed by the doctor and then upload it to the registration under the physical section.

With this new system, we suggest that you have your students registration completed before Monday, October 28, so our athletic trainer have time to approve the physical and the fee is recorded.

If you have questions about “Register My Athlete” feel free to contact them directly at:

Email Support:

Phone Support:  435-213-1601

If you have any other questions, please feel free to call the Athletic Department and speak to Sheryl Collins at 314-729-2400 x1701.

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